Smart Universities:Education’s Digital Future

Exploring the future of learning. Proceedings of the 2017 World Learning Summit, Kristiansand, Norway. Contributors:  Annalisa Morganti,  Johannes Konert,  Alan Bruce,  Terje Gaustad,  Eilif Trondsen,  Dianah Nampijja,  Vladena Jahn,  Pauline Vos,  Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić,  Michael Grimshaw,  John Daniel, Janefrances Agbu,  Maria-Antònia Guardiola López,  David Smith,  Esther Tan,  Thomas Korner.  

Students’ perception of the potential of elearning practices at the University of Guyana

The University of Guyana, up to the present time, continues to embrace a traditional learning and teaching approach, in its educational practices. Face to face contact is the principal mode of instructional delivery. Further to this, the conventional Distance Education, via the print-based correspondence mode, is still the current trend. Such a method only favours …