Smart Universities:Education’s Digital Future

Exploring the future of learning. Proceedings of the 2017 World Learning Summit, Kristiansand, Norway. Contributors:  Annalisa Morganti,  Johannes Konert,  Alan Bruce,  Terje Gaustad,  Eilif Trondsen,  Dianah Nampijja,  Vladena Jahn,  Pauline Vos,  Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić,  Michael Grimshaw,  John Daniel, Janefrances Agbu,  Maria-Antònia Guardiola López,  David Smith,  Esther Tan,  Thomas Korner.  

Sequencing and Navigation Through Learning Content

The aim of this paper is to describe a basic idea to introduce formal modelling in the development and presentation of e-learning systems. By introducing formalism, reasoning on e-learning systems and processes through them can be more easily understood. In particular, we propose to use Harel’s automata (statecharts) in modelling sequencing and navigation through learning …