Gen Z: Who they are and what is important to them.

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by Khoros Intelligence and Talkwalker

Like many generations before them, Gen Z, born between
1997 – 2012, is entering adulthood with a defining moment at its
heels. While Gen Z was meant to step into a thriving economy,
the Coronavirus flipped the script. They are now suffering stunted
career growth and limited spending opportunities. This economic
moment is when the younger group of Gen Z (ages 11 – 17) will
first start influencing buying behavior in their household and the
older group (ages 18 – 25) will shape their buying habits in the
early days of their first job.
In this time of economic uncertainty, Gen Z will be spending
more thoughtfully, reminiscent of their millennial counterparts
back in the economic downturn of 2008, and investing in brands
that align with their core values, ethics, and purchasing needs.
There are some defining characteristics for reaching Gen Z.


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