Change in Marketing Strategies due to New Media


The concept of Marketing has changed with time. The first and foremost aim of marketing is to attract new customers. The second aim is to retain that customer. End of the last century witnessed a great revolution of in communication technologies.
Apart from the tradition electronic media such as Radio, Television and Film, a new form of media basically known as “New Media” came into power. Modern electronic technologies like discussion boards, SMS messages, emails, wikis, chat rooms, blogs, and tweets has enhanced the communication power of marketers. As the digitalization of media took place, different
Information and communication platforms have been converged. Technological convergence has blurred all channel-based metaphors such as speech, transportation, and airwaves. Information can be easily transferred from one computer to another via digital media. Now, both marketers and customers possess computers, through which they can exchange their marketing information. The Internet has marked a new revolution in marketing strategies. New form Internet marketing, such as email marketing and social media marketing are expanding day by day.

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