How Can Teachers Benefit From Recorded Lessons?


This research is trying to cover the pedagogic and content aspects that recorded lessons affect the professional development of teachers and teaching skills. The study tries to establish the need for recorded lessons as a tool for teacher learning and to discuss the advantage and disadvantage of using recorded lessons videos (RLV) as a tool in the evolution of teacher performance in and out of the classroom. The study research used primary data in the form of face-to-face interviews with current college teachers that are currently using the ECHO360 system, a review of RLV, and statistics from the ECHO360 system during three semesters in 2015-16.  Secondary data includes internet and literature review analysis.

The findings show that it is agreed that recorded lessons videos can be used in professional discussion and it is a great tool for learning, however, without proper training on how to fully utilise the system, or without I.T. support, the teachers may not promote the use of it.

The use of recorded lessons videos as a tool for teacher evolution is in the debate, as the majority of the interviewers and previous researches on this topic agreed that the risk of incorrect analysis is greater than the advantage of this tool.

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